One of my images features in the inspiring photo exhibition "Hard Rain- What'll you do now?" at Kew Gardens. It is an image of how reed bed technology is used to treat waste water at a plant in Kathmandu, Nepal. Prior to the scheme, waste water ran out into the streets. Now it is collected and filtered for use, and the sludge residue is used by farmers as fertilisers. I took the photograph while on assignment for the NGO WaterAid.


Hard Rain Project is a not-for profit company established to support public exhibitions and other communications that campaign for realistic solutions to the interlinked problems of climate change, poverty, the wasteful use of resources, population expansion, habitat destruction and species loss.


The launch of What’ll You Do Now? at Kew is the start of a world tour. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) will exhibit the combined display at the Rio Earth Summit in May 2012.

For more information on this project please visit the website

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