18th March 2010

Tomorrow sees the launch of Rearranging Formulae at the O3 gallery in Oxford. Artists have been busy installing their projects over the last week and it is great to see some wonderful interpretations of the Oxford University Press books and Journals.

The following is a statement of the work I have submitted for the exhibition:


Title of Work: A visual calculation and the ishihara plate.


"Fighting the urge to create optical illusions and explanations of how basic vision works, I have instead fused together different elements of the book’s content and endeavoured to arouse the viewer’s intrigue about what makes visual perception an application for expression.

In two of the images an ishihara plate is used playfully with it’s usage as a scientific tool to measure colour blindness becoming obsolete. An environmental portrait of a camera obscura enthusiast is a nod to a time that coupled both art and science comfortably and laid the path for the onset of photography. The camera obscura is used again in another image but this time it is turned on its head and the usage it was designed for (i.e. a systematic study of the visual structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world) becomes outmoded. Finally a self-portrait where the gaze is directed back at the photographer from the viewpoint of an imaginary 3 dimensional image."


Hope you get a chance to visit the exhibition. I will be starting a new project mid April with the intentions of an exhibition in Brighton.. more to follow. A couple of my photographs taken of the camera obscura and it's practioner from the exhibition in Oxford are below.




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