I am one of 16 artists (all from different disciplines, animator, illustrator, installation artist etc,) who is taking part in an exhibition this coming March/April at the O3 Gallery in Oxford.

The title of the exhibition is 'Rearranging Formulae'. Oxford University Press have donated books from their science and maths collection and each artist has been given a wrapped book that was randomly selected for them by a Science Don. It is up to each artist to come up with a piece of work shaped by the books subject matter.

No easy task for an artist in any medium to creatively express and interpret the organised, rational world of science. However I do feel slightly fortunate to have landed a book called 'Basic Vision, an introduction to visual perception' at least it is a subject I can relate to, if not fully understand it in the scientific sense. I'm proposing to look at a cross section of people who have helped guide or manipulate visual perception and have consequently helped us interpret the 'real' world around us. Ideas developing and being dumped all the time!


Camera Obscura: A darkened box with a convex lens or aperture for projecting the image of an external object onto a screen inside. It is important historically in the development of both art and science.

The exhibition is being curated by Metron, the same team behind the successful Endnotes exhibition held in Oxford last year in conjunction with The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival 2009.

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